January 11, 2013

My God

Is “God” His first name or His last name?

I have a friend who thinks God’s last name is “Dammit.” Not me, I believe in the God of creation, the God who invented life on this planet, the God of Bible fame. He’s the God who originated truth and science and art and passion. You may have heard him called Yahweh, Adonai, or El-Shaddai, Jesus called him father or dad, I call Him “My God,” not in a possessive way, or in the causal OMG way, but in a “we share the same Spirit” kind of way.

Not everyone who talks about God, knows Him. I’ve heard preachers who claim to speak for Him talk a lot about the Book, but it’s clear, they don’t know the author. I know Him and He knows me. He leaves voice prints and fingerprints everywhere. I call them “God Things.”

I see Him in the pages of His Book, in the wonders of His creation, in the eyes of people I meet in Starbuck’s, in the lives of church-goers and church-avoiders, and in the postings of Facebook friends around the world. I see Him most between the weekends.

He invested centuries of earth-time showing us how impossible it is to live perfectly and keep all the rules, then when the time was right, he punched a hole in the sky and invaded His creation—it’s called the incarnation–God lived and died in human skin. He did it to unwrap the gift of grace. Because of that gift, we don’t have to settle for reading the book, we can meet the author. Still, when we harbor second-thoughts, He continues to provide second-chances…and more.

His Spirit lives in me

Robert commented, “I sure hope GOD is not as fed-up with us humans as I am. You’d think that by now we might have grown up a little…” My God knows all about our tendency to be full of ourselves. He has written the book on it. But, He doesn’t get fed-up, His spirit takes action…that’s why He sent Jesus to earth, someone had to show us how to be a grown-up, how to love before we are lovable, how to forgive before we understand the concept, and how to accept before we deserve it. His Spirit gives us the power to live beyond ourselves, to be Jesus to the people around us.

My God takes me “as is,” in spite of my resistance. I’ve gotten angry with Him, denied Him, doubted Him, fought Him, and He’s still there, I can’t get away from Him. His Spirit invades my spirit and miracles happen. I am encouraged. I am comforted. I am urged to take my faith out of the huddle and into the game. I become His story.

Our primary inalienable right

My God designed us all with an incredible gift, an inalienable right to choose. We make hundreds of choices a day, some are habitual, some instinctive, some ill-fated, and some end up defining us. But, the primary choice is a “God” choice…get to know Him, ignore Him, or deny Him.

Through the years, we choose right or wrong, good or bad, life or death. But, the priorities all points back to our unavoidable “God” choice.

Choose to know Him, now!

2 Comments On “My God”

  1. Why am I just now realizing all this near the end of my life here on earth?

  2. Powerful truth – powerfully crafted. Yes and amen!

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