January 11, 2013

The Bible

God wants us to know Him, not just know about Him.

-Jeremiah 24:7

There was a time when I was comfortable studying about God, without thinking at all about actually knowing him:

    • When I was a youngster we had a family Bible displayed on our coffee table. It was a mystery book filled with strange things like old pictures, dried flowers, and old documents.


    • Later on, in Sunday school the Bible became a story book filled with heroes…warriors, adventures, and a miracle or two.


    • But, it wasn’t long till the Bible became a rule book. In just a few months, it seemed to transform into a perpetual list of right and wrong…mostly wrong.


    • After high school the Bible became a textbook–a book of theology. I studied it, analyzed it, took tests on every part of it.


  • By the time I graduated, it had become a book of doctrine and ecclesiology. It seemed that you had to know all the “…action” words to understand it–justification, sanctification, and reconciliation.

I knew a lot about the book and a lot about God…but, I didn’t really know God. it wasn’t personal yet.

It took a crisis, an out-of-control moment

I met God is the dark of night and everything changed. From that night forward, the Book has been a diary. Now I read it to know Him. It’s not a private diary locked up and hidden away in a secret place. It’s available and familiar. He wants us to open it, to read it, and to get to know him. It’s His account of His encounters with His creation.

The Bible…the Diary of God

What a tragedy it would be to spend a lifetime talking a lot about God, His Bible, and His creation, but never getting to know the person behind the name. Possessing a head full of facts about God doesn’t mean we know Him or that we’re close to Him.

I have learned that God enjoys shattering our limited understanding of Him. Just when we think we have Him figured out, just when He begins to fit within the borders of our imagination, He expands the borders. Nothing we can dream up will ever confine Him. Getting to know the giver of life is an eternal project. There will always be more to know–more truths to hear, more experiences to share, more wisdom to learn, and more mysteries to probe.

Read it like a diary…but don’t stop there.


Look for the invitation

God took the first step in this relationship before the clocks were wound, before order conquered chaos, before Eden had sod–and He hasn’t stopped. He is still inviting…

He invites us to know Him, He already knows us. Join me as we connect with the heart of God and prepare for a divine encounter. God already knows your name, your secrets, your frustrations, your strengths, your hopes, and your dreams. It’s time to get beyond the Book. Then, share the news. Be the story and share it.

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